Why is this "appreciation" 90% more powerful?

People love to be appreciated in this

I will teach you this powerful APPRECIATION in the next video. Why go to an outside workshop? Everything you need for amazing viable communication skills is here, on these sights.

"Thank You" is an appreciation. yet not a very powerful one as I will teach you more powerful and clear appreciations by using our VALUES. You will receive a free and valuable list of values soon. A value may be trust, warmth jocularity etc.


When somebody satisfies your values and you tell them that is what happened, that is an appreciation. Now I will share with you a deeper appreciation. using our values.

A real appreciation goes a long way. Make people feel special. Use this appreciation using values. Let's see the video that explains powerful and clear appreciations. You may want to watch the video several times for additional learning and I explain this powerful appreciation even more below.

The importance of the NEEDS / Values List

It will change your life once you learn to use the list. It is yours for free, now. It is like a mountai of gold. so please use it. There are many communication skills located here in a bundle. Just print the list and put it up everywhere to help you learn it and use it. Place your curser on the list and right click, print

Place it by your phone as you will use the skills to communicate and practice with people, You will learn these powerful skills to communicate in this full course.

TIP: Just looking at the values on the list will relax you. Try it?

Still go to the website and enjoy the many resources there. Join Empathy Day.?


The 4 modes of communication

They are shortened to OFNR.

  • Observation
  • Feelings
  • Request

Observation is what a person is refering too. such as I enjoy your dress. Ok, that sounds a little bizarre, yet there is more to communicate with the other 3 modes. Just staying on that one sentence would mount some suspicion.

Feelings: I express my feelings. Real feelings such as happy, sad excited etc. Let's say with the dress I say I am excited. Why, will that is why we express our values / needs.

Needs: A powerful need that brings this statement and makes the expression rea;ity. The need is 90% of the connection with another. Feelings are only 10%. Needs generate a feeling too. If a need is met the feeling is positive. If the need is not met, the feeling is negative. Pretty cool to know that.

Request: This is the statement to see how the appreciation went over. Maybe the woman does not like the dress and sees your appreciation in the negative or probably enjoying your appreciation very much and she might now tell you. At least you are letting her in on your appreciation and she has an opinion.

So here is the appreciation. Watch how it develops.

(Observation) Your dress is very pretty and I am excited (feeling) because it reminds me of the dresses when I was in Hawaii. I feel at home seeing the (Need) beauty. (Request) How do you feel when I say that?

Use of Manipulation:

It is easy to use this way of appreciation for manipulation as it is so powerful and develops trust in you. Yet don't use this style of appreciation for manipulation. bcause once you have been caught using the trust, forgiveness is hard to find again from the other person. . Use this powerful appreciation only when the feelings and needs are real.

Let's go down to the quiz and I will ask you some more questions on appreciations.